Project Arbutus

“The record is named after the organic world—namely, the trees that thrive on B.C.’s Sunshine Coast—but the album has a distinctly sci-fi feel, with cold, impersonal synth lines and minor chord progressions scoring the majority of the tracks. Sounds like the gritty, distortion-drenched lead in “Trackers II” and trap music’s ticky drums capture the feel of the urban jungle rather than verdant forests—but that coolness serves to highlight the moments that have real warmth.” – Kate Wilson 

DJ Forest Walker drags trance into 2017 with Project Arbutus – The Georgia Straight

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Project Arbutus: Transcend

“The first Project Arbutus release in 2017 was a 14 track work that was equally concerned with a narrative line that covered quantum physics — songs included Event Horizon and Mass Illusion — and, perhaps, nightfall (Dusk, Shadows, Inferno). Transcend seems to carry forward with spiritual and environmental awareness added to the storyline in tracks such as the trappy Timelapse, slow droning Gaia and neo-dub of Patterns.” – Stuart Derdeyn

Five Things To Know About DJ Forest Walker’s Project Arbutus: Transcend

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Neon Cranes

Combining elements of trance, glitchhop and techno, DJ Forest Walker’s 3rd album “Neon Cranes” creates an upbeat exploration of soundscapes while remaining true to the distinctly nature inspired tones of his first 2 albums. Tracks such as “Lost Coast” and “Thunderhead” deliver driving percussion and lush synth bass lines and melodies. “Dark Matter” and the album title track “Neon Cranes” offer more introspective experiences, with slow percussion and a distinctive sense of acoustic space. From start to finish, Neon Cranes offers an instrumental interpretation of the wilds of nature, from urban jungles to coastal forests.





Eons is a 15 track exploration of space and time, featuring instrumentation from delicately plucked strings to heavily distorted bass lines. While each track has a distinct style, they are tied together by percussion that will have you ready to set off on new adventures. Unexpected melodies echo through patterns which create cycles of growth and decay. Tracks such as “Mare Imbrium” and “Delta Station” have slow building energy, while “Erosion” and “Eclipse” are much faster and heavier. Eons presents a soundtrack of electronic music that will have you reminiscing on your favourite works of science fiction.